Dear Justin,

I am incredibly honored to be one of the first recipients of The Bannister Foundation Scholarship. Thanks to your generosity, I’ll be able to write, produce, edit and create without technological limitations.

I really enjoyed getting the chance to meet you on Saturday, and I find your motivation for founding this scholarship inspirational. You are serving as a role model to not only NMI students, but to the entire UGA community. Thank you for being an example of kindness and for recognizing the importance of giving back to your community.

I found the purpose of your scholarship program so moving and powerful that I wanted to continue your intention of community betterment in my own way. I donated my old laptop to Chase Street Elementary in honor of the 4th grade student I mentor there, Pizarro Dodson, but in the name of The Bannister Foundation. I hope they will find a purpose for it that inspires creativity and a love of learning in students during their most impressionable years.

Thank you for making this possible, and thank you for investing in my future.

Annie Campbell