APRIL 6TH, 2019 @ 1:30 PM

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My desire to give computers back to students evolved into an idea about three years ago while attending an NMI event. It was there I realized l had spent the last two years at school with my head buried in a computer, studying the skeletal foundations of projects I had become a part of throughout my career. Back then, I didn’t have the latest or greatest MacBook, (although it was the rad all-black edition) or access to the advanced technology I sometimes required to execute my ideas as effectively as possible. In spite of these circumstances, I managed to thrive because my curiosity for the industry and its workings fueled my passion for learning.

Shifting gears, my father passed away near the end of 2016, and the arrival of 2017 brought a maelstrom of issues with it. Shooting for some respite, I went to see Dave Ramsey at Passion City Church, where I was inspired to truly give; more than just lending someone a ride or a few dollars. Following Mr. Ramsey’s notorious method of Holiday giving, I walked into a Waffle House, ordered a cup of coffee, and left my kind waitress a $300 tip. The gratification and joy I experienced in giving so generously through such a small gesture was wonderful. Read more…

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